As an agricultrual based business sustainability is embedded in our corporate strategy. Our sugar production sites are industry leading in the fields of sustainability and we are respectful that the earth is a precious commodity.

Sustainability is front and centre within all of Südzucker’s fields of endeavor: from procurement to the environmental, energy aspects of production, product responsibility and quality, and our social responsibility regarding working conditions and human rights – we cover the entire value chain. 

Things you maybe didn’t know about our sugar production:

  • Farmers who arrive to deliver beets leave site with animal feed which is a by-product from our production
  • Electricity returned to national grid
  • The water removed from the beets during production is reused to wash more beets ensuring nothing goes to waste
  • Soil which may be attached to beet upon delivery is returned to the farmers fields
  • Lime stone and organic residues from the sugar beet purifaction process is an excellent agricultural fertiliser


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